BMW M135 2013, worthy of being a Series 1 type M


The BMW 1 Series M will begin to occur soon, but will have a successor, the M135i, a model that becomes the most powerful of the second generation known as “Series 1”. Although so far no one knows arrive in the U.S., a good indicator is the knowledge that is based on the model of three and five-door hatchback, so it is likely to arrive.

After a comparison of the M135i with the spirit of what will be the 1 Series M coupe, we realize that there are differences between the two, but not many. BMW did not want to consider this model a true type “M”, since for them is part of the line “M Performance” launched recently which has caused a good impression in Europe with tri-turbo diesel engines. It is hoped that this new edition vehicles to the 3 Series range.

bmw-m135i-2013-sideThe fact that we are facing a Performance M car, and not one of the Series M, indicates a model that is ready for high performance, but not in all its facets – even if you add many configurations of the model concerned. An example of the versatility to win the Series 1 comment is that now you can choose six-speed manual transmission or automatic eight (versus the old model had only manual transmission). It is expected that by year’s end also incorporates a system of four-wheel drive and even five-door.

The M135i weighs 154 pounds less than 1M know later, that trying to save a little fuel and add more performance. The engine was included in this edition is a 3.0-liter, six cylinder turbinate, which is capable of producing 315HP and a maximum torque of 332 pounds, available from 1,300 rpm.

bmw-m135i-2013-backAs data supplied by BMW itself, this model should take to reach 62mph just 4.9 seconds with automatic transmission, while it reached in 5.1 seconds with a manual transmission. Remember that the data delivered by the German manufacturer are always conservative, because in the 1 Series M tests we realized that it came to 60mph in 4.5 seconds and 4.7 seconds in the indicated by the manufacturer.

The only black spot found in this excellent edition M Performance is excellent when the steering is stepping aside in favor of the electromechanical system that we have some reservations, since it did not work very well in large model BMW, although it done in the BMW 335i.

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